“InCircleRentals.com is a great concept. It’s an easy, friendly website and I’m encouraging my owners to join. By sharing surplus guest leads, they’ll fill more dates for their properties and make more rental income.” - Brad L., property manager in Sanibel, Florida



InCircleRentals was inspired by founder Randy’s experience with an informal email exchange among 30 vacation condo owners in Sanibel, Florida. The owners’ goal was to have guests return to the same resort to increase overall occupancy. Owners who received guest inquiries they couldn’t book would email the guest request to other owners in the group. By pooling leads, all vacation homeowners benefit from each individual’s marketing efforts.


InCircleRentals.com upgrades this tried-and-true process to a convenient, secure online environment. When you sign up with InCircleRentals as a vacation homeowner, you are assigned a "circle" or group of fellow vacation homeowners in the same geographic area. That enables you to start sharing rental leads and increase your potential rentals right away. We hope you join our growing community to experience online leads sharing for your vacation home.

InCircleRentals Team



Randy Zats, C.P.A.; B.A. from American University, Washington, D.C., M.B.A. from the University of Minnesota and M.S. in Information Systems from Johns Hopkins University, has owned a rental condominium in Sanibel, Florida for over 11 years. He is a member of the Sanibel Chamber of Commerce, and lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Ellen Hertz, B.A. University of Michigan, M.B.A. University of Minnesota, has over 20 years experience as a systems development and project management consultant with Accenture, most recently as partner. She later founded an award-winning retail business in Minneapolis.


Susan Cohen, B.A. in Anthropology, Boston University, has been a communications professional for more than 22 years, with 13 years experience in digital media as content strategist and writer for multinational websites. She lives in New York City, is an avid world traveler and frequent guest in private vacation rentals.