“InCircleRentals.com is a great concept. It’s an easy, friendly website and I’m encouraging my owners to join. By sharing surplus guest leads, they’ll fill more dates for their properties and make more rental income.” - Brad L., property manager in Sanibel, Florida



What is InCircleRentals.com?
We are a leads-sharing website for condominium and vacation home rental property owners. We provide the meeting place where owners exchange guest inquiries. We welcome all size, price and locations rentals, whether you have a condo that sleeps 3 or a luxury villa that sleeps 12, in any part of the world.

By sharing permission-based guest leads with each other, our vacation property rental owners enhance their marketing opportunities without investing extra effort or expense. Memberships are 90 days free trial then just $199 a year thereafter for unlimited leads sharing.



How do I join?
Simply fill out the online inquiry form. We will verify your property’s existence by either contacting your property manager (if you use one) or asking you for proof of ownership such as a utility bill which you can fax, email or mail to us. As soon as possible, we will email your password and welcome information.

Is it free?
The first 90 days are free.  Then, you will be charged an annual membership fee ($199 if paid annually, or $65 per quarter). Your satisfaction is guaranteed or your payment is fully refundable for the unused days.

How does it work?
When you join, we assign you to a group within your city or resort area. You can immediately pool your marketing activities, get appropriate new guest leads for your own rental, and bring your surplus prospect leads to co-members in your circle. You will get an email of potential guest names referred by other circle members.

How do I contact the guests?
You can contact them by email. Your email goes to the guest. If the guest wants to contact you, he/she has your phone number and email. InCircleRentals does not make any warrantees or guarantees about guests, including but not limited to their character, their ability to pay for accommodations, or the genuineness of their inquiries.  Once the guest contacts you, you and the guest negotiate the rate and make reservation arrangements as you do now.

How many leads will I receive?
It depends on the activity level of your circle members. If you have a very active group, there will be many leads shared. If the group is not active, there will be fewer leads.

Are there limits or minimums on inquiries I can send or receive?
No, there are no restrictions.

What if I provide more leads than I use?
We do not reward “high producers” or penalize low activity.

Can I change my circle?
You will be matched with the best geographic fit. Your circle members are all sharing leads close to you, so you will have more success with similar owners. Of course, if you own multiple properties, each property will belong to its appropriate circle.

Will this hurt my marketing?
No, it will help you fill your home more easily. You will have the benefit of other owners working together, and reciprocating. No one owner can cover all vacation rental websites. Along with the inquiries you generate, you have access to others from your circle members.


What if I am having trouble logging on?
What if I have a question or need help?
If you cannot get to your page, contact us at support@InCircleRentals.com or call:
(888) 317-1538 (Toll Free US and Canada)
(952) 513-2121 (From outside US and Canada)

How do I upload photos?
On your webpage property description you’ll have the ability to upload a photo of your property. You can upload any .jpg or .gif file and our system will resize it upon publishing.


I want to rent a vacation home from an owner. Can I contact one at InCircleRentals.com?
We are sorry, but you cannot search our owners' properties directly from our site. InCircleRentals does not rent directly to guests and only verifies the existence of a property.  InCircleRentals does not make any warranties or guarantees about the members who contact you, the truthfulness of the information they provide, or your satisfaction with your stay.

How do I reserve and pay for my vacation property rental?
InCircleRentals.com only helps you make first contact with an owner. You further discuss cost and payment arrangements with the individual owner by phone or using your personal email.